I've been using StackOverflow and other sites for quite some time now, and recently saw a 'Log in with stack exchange' link on a site.

Keen to get involved, I was taken to the page at openid.stackexchange ... and faced an immediate roadblock. I don't think I have a password.

I log in with Google to every stackexchange site, and consequently, I can't log in on openid.stackexchange, as there is no facility to log in with google, the site demands a password even when I am logged in on my other stack accounts. How can I make this work?

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You don't automatically have an account there if you have a Stack Exchange account. You could start by creating one.

The Stack Exchange OpenID provider is strictly speaking a separate site. It's an actual OpenID provider, and as such it would be somewhat silly if you could log in with, say, your Google acccount. You'd end up with some sort of daisy chain of providers; OpenID log-ins all the way down.

  • ah - I had assumed that like every other stackexchange site you log into it just associates with the existing sites - makes sense - thanks!
    – jvc26
    May 3, 2012 at 19:05

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