I am subscribed to my Favorite Tags for delivery every 15 minutes. I have not received any emails from that filter in 14 hours, although looking at the filter at StackExchange shows plenty of new questions. I continue to receive emails from other sources, so it's not a general failure of my email.

Is anybody else experiencing this?

Also, when I view the filter at StackExchange, there's an "edit" link that should let me change whether and how often I get emailed, but it does nothing. (Tried Firefox 11.0 and Safari 5.15.) I intended to toggle the frequency to see if that jump-started delivery.

  • OK, I started receiving the emails again an hour ago. Commented May 6, 2012 at 1:25

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A bug prevented filter subscription emails from going out for the past 15 hours. It's been fixed, so emails are being sent again. Sorry about that.


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