These two comments have the same score, but the scores have a different "hotness" color:


The upper comment I just upvoted. It displays correctly when I reload the page, though.

It looks like a CSS class isn't being applied here when the score is updated inline — this is the generated HTML of the score numbers in the above screenshot.

<span class="" title="number of 'great comment' votes received">2</span>

<span class="cool" title="number of 'great comment' votes received">2</span>
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    While you may want to classify this as a bug, I hope it gets closed as "who cares?" – Aaron Bertrand May 9 '12 at 21:09
  • @AaronBertrand - just because it is small, doesn't mean it is insignificant. little details matter – Ephraim May 9 '12 at 21:15
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    @AaronBertrand Actually I want to know if it's intentional or a bug. – Alenanno May 9 '12 at 21:16
  • @Ephraim I can hardly tell the difference between those two colors, and I'm struggling to understand why it matters. As I said, I am not disputing that it is a "bug" I just think it is the opposite of high priority. – Aaron Bertrand May 9 '12 at 21:17
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    @AaronBertrand Huh. Well, you tell me what I should classify it as. The bug tag doesn't imply any sort of urgency or priority. I think there used to be a "minor issues" meta tag but it got burninated. – a cat May 9 '12 at 21:20
  • @lunboks I'm not saying you shouldn't have posted it or suggesting that it should be tagged differently. I just don't deem it worthy of actual effort on the devs' part. That is just my opinion. – Aaron Bertrand May 9 '12 at 21:21
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    [status-whocares] – Cody Gray May 9 '12 at 21:25
  • @TheEstablishment ¯\(°_o)/¯ – a cat May 9 '12 at 21:28
  • Is that...a cat? Or...something else? (Also, I don't necessarily agree with that status. Just a humorous response to Aaron's comment.) – Cody Gray May 9 '12 at 21:29

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