Is there a section or page that lists my flag count and / or history?


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Open your profile page and click on your "helpful flags" count in the "Activity" tab. It will provide you with a detailed breakdown of number of flags, helpful flags, disputed flags, etc., plus a history of all non-comment flags.

A user's profile page, on the "Activity" tab with "helpful flags" highlighted.


You can see it on your profile page. There is no link for helpful flag, at the beginning; when you have your first helpful flag, you can see the link in your profile as follows, which is under the profile views.


Whenever you click on the count link, it will show you the full summary.

You can see the history of your flags on the right-hand side; it displays the following information:

  • The total number of flags you raised
  • The number of flags waiting for review (this is generally done by 10K users, and moderators)
  • The number of flags deemed helpful
  • The number of declined flags
  • The number of disputed flags



If you don't have yet any helpful flag, you can use the method explained here:

How can I see my active flags with no prior helpful flags?

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