After having a question closed which I thought belonged on SO, I reworded it to make it more objective.

There was some speculation in comments about where it belonged and I am still not sure. Is it worth rolling back that question to the state when it was closed, then asking the reworded version on Programmers? Or is there a procedure for migrating a closed question and reopening it?


Your revision will effectively "bump" up the question and cause it to get some new views. Many of those users will have privileges to vote to re-open your question, and if enough of them agree, your question will be automatically re-opened. At the time of this writing, 3 people have already voted to re-open your question, so the system appears to be working.

If you've given it a day or so and your question still hasn't been re-opened (but you've honestly put some effort into revising it and followed the advice of commenters), you can flag it for moderator attention and ask that it be re-opened. Use the "other" option and fill in the free-form textbox with an explanation of your situation. Keep in mind that moderators process lots of flags each day, and the more compelling that your explanation is, the better your chances are that they'll agree with you.

As far as migration goes, you're better off re-asking the question on another site. That gives you an opportunity to check out their FAQ and compose/revise your question accordingly. There's little point in re-opening a question on one site just so that it can be migrated to another site. And there's even less point in flagging it for a moderator to migrate, since they're just going to have to confer with the moderators on the proposed target site to see if the question is even a good fit for them. You can leave out the middle man by doing that legwork yourself.


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