This question was criticised as being too localised (to New Zealand) on the Answers On Startups site.

I'm trying to get some momentum going on an Area 51 proposal relating to New Zealand, and I'm wondering whether it's appropriate to add a comment to that question which suggests that the New Zealand proposal would be a good place to get an answer to such a question (though obviously not immediately).

I see this as an issue that isn't so much specific to Area 51 (which doesn't have a meta site anyway) as it is to general SE etiquette, so I've posted it here.

Now that the question is posted, I see there are existing questions covering this:


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In a general sense… NO, it is not appropriate to advertise or promote an Area 51 proposal by linking to it from a related Stack Exchange question.

There may be very limited cases where a question is being closed as obviously off topic — I might look the other way if you were simply offering some alternative advice, as in: "Your question is off topic, but you may want to support this proposal." But don't start trolling the Q&A sites to find support for your favorite proposal. This should be somewhat rare.

I would not expect to see comments in the general Q&A soliciting users to come support a proposal… even if that question would be on topic on the alternative site. Such comments should be flagged and deleted.


The only acceptable circumstance I can see is if the question was closed as off-topic, and the proposal is a relevant potential site where they could post the question if the site existed.

However, if the question is a valid and on-topic question for the site, then all you're doing is advertising your Area 51 proposal which is not constructive to the question at all.

Another thing to think about: would linking to this Area 51 proposal really help anyone? Anyone looking for the question, even if it's only that single person who asked, wants the answer now. I doubt they'd be interested in waiting around for a site to be created (which may never happen) and then reposting the question to get an answer.

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