Can the tagging system be improved?

I see a lot of questions asked with . Could the editor suggest the correct tag based on some community developed guideline? The keyword is suggest. Another example would be would suggest , , , etc.

Also, could we have a community driven tag blacklist? I think it would be beneficial that we could eliminate , (just as an example)

What do you think?


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If a developer does decide to look into this, can we also get the editor to suggest other Stack Exchange sites when certain tags are used? There are already several cases where Stack Overflow tags have split off into sites of their own. A high percentage of questions in some tags are already getting migrated. For example, . Programming questions in other tags like and are still welcome on SO, but I think it's worth suggesting that non-programming questions with those tags be asked on the more specific SE sites for those topics.

Related: Could we add “There is another SE site about this” indicator to some tags?


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