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Consecutive days problem #97?

I have been working on my fanatic badge for right around 54 days. Over the weekend, 11th-15th, I visited daily. As I got my 30 consecutive days a few weeks ago, I've been making sure to visit the site plenty. So I know I did not miss the 12th, but as of today (tonight, even, I believe), my SO profile says I did not visit the site on 5/12/2012. Here is my profile: https://stackoverflow.com/users/1231943/davek804

Has there been a server issue as is discussed in these posts:

Lost consecutive days status
Stackoverflow claims I broke my consecutive visit streak - I know I didn't

? Is there anything that can be done? What about a screenshot of my history (lets hope I haven't cleaned it...)?


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You need to have a modicum of activity(not just logging in)--I've found that a few votes/comments do the trick, and of course a post takes care of the activity as well.

You have no posts/comments for May 10 - May 14, looking at your activity tab enter image description here

Check your votes tab and see if you have any activity those days (that tab, along with your days-visited info is private and hidden to all except you)

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