I've been wondering why I didn't earn a Populist badge for this answer and only after digging through meta did I find that there's actually an extra rule, not documented on the badge page, that self answers don't qualify.

I don't actually expect the rule to change, but I think it'd be fair to mention it in the badge description. In my case, I wouldn't have been happily waiting for a badge that was never to come.

/vent on

And I also want to vent a little bit here. In my case, the answer I accepted was written by the guy who wrote the control in question. Folks happened to like my answer better, but his is clearly the correct one with regards to the question asked and I thought it only fair to accept it. I know the rule is to prevent gaming the system, but it's just a bit comical how clearly that is not the case here! Arg! ;)

/vent off


I've gone ahead and added that tidbit of information to the big List of all badges with full descriptions page, which is where we try to keep all the smallest details of every badge.

That particular badge description is long enough without the need to add more to it. Also, they don't really list all the tiny details for every badge. For example, the editing badges have tons of other details not mentioned in the badge description itself.

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    Cool, thanks. Was really just looking for some commiseration anyway :P – DougW May 17 '12 at 23:50

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