I want to add a few backup OpenID providers to my account. Should be easy enough to:

  • open my profile page
  • click "my logins"
  • click "add more logins…"
  • choose, say, Google and authenticate with them
  • be redirected to the StackOverflow account page that now merrily shows me my real Name and a reputation count of 1.

It's the last point I'm a bit confused about.

If I re-authenticate via myOpenID I get to my regular account, with "myOpenID" being the only authentication provider in the list.

I see the same behavior when I choose Facebook, which is the other provider I'm prepared to use.

It happens with Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer alike. It happens on stackoverflow.com and stackexchange.com.

What gives?

  • generally the mapping is based on email address. If you want things to equate to "you", use the same email address when possible. – Jeff Atwood Jun 7 '12 at 6:43
  • @Jeff I see. Gmail is what I use as my email address, but I've added a tag to it (Google allows appending a suffix like this: name+suffix@gmail.com is equivalent to name@gmail.com. Maybe a future version of SE can take that into account? For now, I try changing my address. – Tomalak Jun 7 '12 at 15:00

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