Should questions, especially one with many possible answers, be edited to include a section at the end detailing what the asker has learned or what progress has been made? I'm thinking of something related to the title text of XKCD #979.

For instance, Why use getters and setters? has a great list of the ten best answers to his question.

On the other hand, Shell command to sum integers, one per line? has no such list, but many valid answers. One commenter even pointed out that the question has potential. The question would, I believe, be much more useful to readers if he didn't have to dig through all the answers to find one that worked best for him.

Now, I understand that this is really is the point of accepting answers, but I also wonder if for questions with multiple valid answers, accepting an answer crowds out other answers or makes them appear invalid.

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    There's nothing stopping the OP from answering their own question in the manner you describe, and many do. – Michael Petrotta May 27 '12 at 19:41


The accepted answer always (except when it's a self answer) comes straight after the question - regardless of the sort order.

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