There is the option while reviewing to filter by a tag. Currently and which are tag synonyms don't give the same results. I don't see anything when filtering by 'rstats' but get results for 'r'. It seems that both should return the same results.

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When a tag (let's call it ) is made a synonym of another tag (let's call it ), it means:

  • Future questions using will be automatically re-tagged to use
  • Questions asked before was made a synonym of still use

If the synonym must be replaced in all the questions, then:

  • must be made synonym of
  • The tags must be merged

(Moderators do that in the same page, which is the one that allows them to make a tag synonym of another one.)

There could be the case the page showing the questions tagged is different from the page showing the questions tagged , even if the tags are synonym.

In the case there are no questions tagged , and is synonym with , then it could be helpful to show the questions tagged . It is probable that is what users want to see.


I would have thought this was expected behaviour? As tags are automatically renamed if they are synonyms when the question is posted the doesn't exist in the database on any questions so it seems correct that there is nothing to show.

Admittedly I suppose the system could replace a filter of with as you enter it but I'm not sure this would overly useful!

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    I guess I would have expected the system to replace rstats with r. The only reason I have rstats on my list of favorites instead of r is because it's much longer. With 'r' sometimes I accidentally remove the tag since it's so small.
    – Dason
    Commented Jun 7, 2012 at 14:55

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