How about adding an option to filter featured questions by the value of their bounty? I.e. I want to challenge questions with bounty above +250 and would like to find them easily.

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    Interesting idea! (I would've seen this sooner, but I filter all bounties under 600 points) – Shog9 Jun 17 '12 at 4:41

I agree this would be a nice feature:


But realistically it is quite a big task.

In the mean time, I whipped up this query that will list questions with bounties from the start of the month: (direct link)

SELECT P.id As [Post Link], V.BountyAmount, V.CreationDate As [Bounty Start], P.Score, 
  P.ViewCount, P.Title, P.Tags, P.Body, P.AnswerCount 
FROM Posts P INNER JOIN Votes V ON P.Id = V.PostId
WHERE DATEPART(m, V.CreationDate) = DATEPART(m, getdate())
  AND DATEPART(yyyy, V.CreationDate) = DATEPART(yyyy, getdate())
  AND V.BountyAmount > 0
  AND P.ParentId IS NULL
ORDER BY V.BountyAmount DESC, V.CreationDate DESC

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