Have a few representative freehanded circles that will no doubt explain the issue in fully without further need for words.

enter image description here 10k-on-Gaming-only link to the above.

What? You're so completely disconnected by the collective freehanded-circle mindhive to require words to have meaning conveyed to you? Poor you. Here, let me try and explain with those imperfect tools called words.

As fbueckert pointed out and as you can see, 1 rep users can't post images, more than two links, etc. — and yet bare Youtube links will still expand to the embedded player.

Now this isn't a particularly grave problem as:

  • It only works on sites that expand Youtube links to the embedded player (Arqade, Movies & TV, SciFi, etc.)
  • The embedded YouTube player feature is rather hidden

...but it still is most likely a bug rather than a feature.

  • 9
    I am so embedding Numa Numa 10 hours into all Gaming answers now
    – Ben Brocka
    Jun 14, 2012 at 16:00


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