Sometimes I know I have previously posted an answer (or a question) about something.
For example, I just wanted to find an answer I had posted about modifying my .bashrc shell.
The search is specific to 'me' so "Is there a way to search all sites at once?" doesn't help.
The search is across sites so "How can I search within my own questions?" didn't seem to help either.

My answer is probably in Unix & Linux.

But it might be Ask Ubuntu.

Of course it might just be in Stack Overflow, especially if it's old.

Or maybe I put it in Super User and no-one moved it.

How can I search all the sites that I am registered with, given that I have different user id's on each site (only 1 login but they all have different user:nnnnn id's).

This is an invaluable feature because I like to use Stack Exchange as my 'knowledge base' for all the stuff I know – and of course I'm helping out others in the process – but without this search I am :(


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The Stack Exchange.com search lets you include user names just like Google does (it IS Google search) while whittling down the query to all SE sites (plus 3 ads at the top). It's a lot better than trying to shoehorn a regular Google search into site:stackexchange.com site:stackoverflow ect

  • thank you for the tip. however I wanted to seach infavorites:mine and it returned not only mine results. what features does this search support (there is no help button as opposed to search on individual site)? Nov 19, 2019 at 9:50

Google indexes the full pages, including your name wherever that is mentioned. So, adding that to the search query might help, for those with a user name that is not too common and is not @mentioned in comments a lot.

Still, this feels like a workaround to me, just as long there's no real network wide search.

(Put your name in double quotes to make Google include it.)

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