I've had a look at some tags related for cryptographic algorithms. Here are several related minor issues. We should decide on which tag names we prefer, then retag or synonymize as desired.


  • 3DES: should be a synonym of (the latter has a lot more uses and a tag wiki).

  • Rijndael/AES: Should be a synonym of ? Strictly speaking, Rijndael is a superfamily of AES, but in practice they are used almost interchangeably.

  • chaining: We have and . Which naming form is better?


  • md5_file: Is it worth having a separate tag for , and if so, should it be reserved for the md5_file function in PHP?

  • SHA1 or SHA-1: We have both and . They should be merged, in which direction? Ditto for and .

  • SHA-2: We have separate tags for , and . Should they be folded into , or should they remaine separate?

: Should remain, or should it be transformed to +?


See Merge tags: [pkcs11] and [pkcs#11]

  • I'm going to vote no on Rijndael synonymized with AES. While in practice, yes, they are used similarly, it would make it impossible to ask a question that is specific to either one, like "Why can't I use a block size other than 128 in AES?".
    – vcsjones
    Jun 16, 2012 at 21:40
  • @vcsjones No, merging the tags would not prevent asking questions that are specific to AES or that pertain to Rijndael but not AES. Similarly, there is a windows tag, and many of the questions in this tag do not apply to every version from Windows 1 to Windows 8. Jun 16, 2012 at 21:46


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