On the main site of SeasonedAdvise, I've missed a number of blog posts when they appeared (and I'm a regular customer). That's because the link to the blog is way under the fold.

I'd like to be aware of new blog posts, so how can I get that?

  1. Put the 'blog' link in the top navigation bar. This will probably not happen as the top navigation bar contents has been frozen.
  2. Show a 'new blog' icon next to the logo.
  3. Show a 'new blog' link in the community bulletin*. Maybe this already happens but if so, it should be a different colour as I (mea culpa) tend to ignore the bulletin.
  4. Create an 'opt-in' for new blog post notifications.
  5. Reproduce the MSO behaviour. Show a 'new blog' in the top navigation bar only when it happens.

I'd like to discuss which solution would be best, before creating the corresponding .

Edit: * Just saw the number 3 has been implemented. As I've missed these notifications, maybe they should be in a different colour (repeating myself).

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