Is there a way to find the number of accepted answers you have, other than manually counting each one?

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Use "hasaccepted:1 user:130822" or "isaccepted:1 user:130822" (depending which ones you want) and do the math.
E.g. Jon Skeet's accepted answers:

The numbers will change soon, but here we go:
I see 41 pages with 50 entries each. One page with 2 entries.
41x50 + 2 = ?

That's only partly "counting" ;-)

  • You also get the number of results at the first page (an update perhaps since 2009). E.g., for the link you specified: 19,418 results
    – vefthym
    Jul 15, 2015 at 14:42

You can use this StackExchange Data Explorer query.

Zero and non-zero accepted count. Self-accepted answers do not count.

Enter User ID, you can also switch between sites: screen-shot

Hope this helps you.
Thanks @durron597 for suggesting in chat

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