I finally decided to really look for a tag wiki one day on SO. I feel it should be more noticeable (though I'll admit it didn't take too long to find). I have always noticed the brief general description on what the tag means, but for a new user, the buttons below it seem, well, pointless. The learn more... should, in my opinion, say View Tag Wiki, or at least be slightly more prominent.

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The whole tag wiki area has a nice border and is somewhat eye-catching. Most things on the internet that say learn more... have taught me not to click them. All the other "advanced user" buttons make the whole area a place to avoid for those who don't already use the wiki. This seems to discourage viewing the wiki (something that should be easy and is advised).

I would personally like the learn more... text that links to the wiki to be changed to something more obvious, and maybe even made bold, outlined, or moved away from the other options. At least such that a new member would easily notice the link, and feel that clicking it would be a good idea.


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I agree that the tag wiki could use more visibility, but I don't think “View Tag Wiki” is the right solution. If you don't know what a tag wiki is, why would you pay attention to that?

I think “learn more...” is the right text, but it should be placed further up, at the end of the excerpt (with some suitable space).


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