That would be similar to the auto-generated comment after someone votes to close a question as duplicate.

Imagine a question is off-topic and gets closed. The users that closed the question selected an alternative website while closing.

When the question is closed there is no hint that there might be a very similar site where (s)he could ask the question like superuser.com for example.

How about leaving an auto-generated comment like

This question would be a better fit for superuser.com.

if the users that closed the question selected a unique alternative website?


If the post deserves migration, it will likely be migrated.

If not (usually because it's a poor question, or a duplicate on the other SE site), we don't want to encourage re-posting, or in the event that the question isn't closed at all: cross-posting.

Of course, you are welcome to post the comment manually if you see fit, but I don't see any value in auto-generated comments of this nature.

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