I looked around and got here. But clicking on " the Stack Overflow reputation leagues for 2010" (the link under the second image or itself) returns an error.

I tried to find other (old) blog entries with same problem, but did not succeed in some time. So I just follow the advice to give a note here.

My questions:

  1. Is there a status-by-design, that links like this disappears some time?
  2. Is there a collecting-question for that? The automatic advice is to post it here.(First pages of search for "blog link broken" were sth. else)
  3. Or is it just a "victim" of a redesign?

There was a timeout on this large API call over the weekend (we now fetch all the league data for an interval in a single call, rather than as a nightly batch process), I believe the issue has been resolved but we'll keep an eye on it just in case.

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