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Dissecting the Stack Overflow views counter
How are profile views counted?

My question is in relation with this question: How are profile views counted?

I want to know how SO is measuring the profile view count?

Is it based on

  1. unique IPs accessed the page OR
  2. unique Users accessed the page OR
  3. some time interval set in between the views from a same IP or user

And if I am watching someone's profile everyday, will that add up to their profile view count?


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As far as my knoledge goes, the "profile views" counter, is intended to give you a "feedback" on the amount of unique users that have visited your profile.

Having performed some tests at the office:

  • My own visits do not count at any time

  • Visits from others count once when visiting on short periods of time (5min) 1

  • Visits from others count once when visiting on large periods of time (next day) 1

1 Visits only count if unique, doesn't increase the counter if it is the same user. To test the day after, was necessary to involve two co-workers.

About the "backstage" process, as mentioned on other related questions, only developers can clarify that.

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