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Is it possible to earn the " Strunk & White " Badge after earning the edit privilege?

It doesn't makes sense, because after you have earned the privilege, you can easily edit any number of posts you want and earn the badge just like that.

  • What's funny about this question is that before suggested edits where added in Jan 2011 you could only earn this badge if you had the edit privilege. Jul 6, 2012 at 15:37

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Yes, it's possible.

The "Strunk & White" badge exists to encourage and incentivize editing. Just earning 2000 reputation and gaining the ability to edit without going through the Suggested Edit process doesn't necessarily imply that the user is a regular or capable editor.

For more info, see the "Strunk & White" section under List of all badges with full descriptions (quoted for your convenience):

Strunk & White