Currently, according to Waffles, answers or questions that have been "reviewed" are suppressed if more than 2 people have reviewed them.

This is obviously a a Good Thing TM, however, it does mean that if two people review a question or answer and then flag it as spam or offensive then it disppears from the review queue.

This one is a good example. It's only just been closed after 2 hours; mainly, I believe, because it disappeared from the /review/first-answers and /review/late-answers tabs.

This semi-defeats the point of these flags, which is to allow the community at large to remove highly objectionable material without the need for moderator intervention, for instance if there's not one logged on at that time to review offensive flags.

My is that if a majority of people reviewing a question or answer have marked it as spam, or offensive, then that post should not be removed from the /review tab.

The reason for the majority is to stop abusive flagging and / or to ensure that it is actually offensive. As two people are required to review something if one of them flags a post as offensive it will remain in the review list. If a further person reviews the post and does not flag it the post will be removed. If they do then it will stay.


I've observed spam sit around for many hours especially when it's often tagged with a fairly random tag that few if anyone would follow. Even on smaller sites where tag filtering is used less often it can still be problematic because after a few flags on the first post / late answer queue they are often followed by an edit or answer by a trusted user on the question that can leave the reason it was bumped initially not apparent.

The only avenue of abuse I can see with your proposal is that when someone sees something on a queue with a link and several downvotes a robo-reviewer might decide they are probably implicit spam / offensive flags and decide to pile on another flag. That could easily be mitigated by either showing a zero vote count or ignoring the implicit downvotes. I think the former would be best because many users seems to flag as well as downvote spam / offensive posts and other than that small tweak this sounds like an excellent feature request.

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