I'm against all the "notify me when a post I downvoted is updated" requests, but I had an idea that might be useful while unobtrusive.

How about quietly showing how many revisions/edits were made between your downvote and now? It could also "clear" when you recheck the post, so they don't stay marked as "updated"


enter image description here

The % edited and revision count are just ideas to help show the magnitude of the change. If someone changes "Im" to "I'm" the revised post probably isn't even worth a look, so I think the % edited is a good criteria to go on. I could at a glance (and on my own time) see which of the posts I downvoted/close voted have been updated. Maybe make the (% edited) text a link to the latest revision so I can see what changed (I often do this when I forget why I closed a question. It happens.)

As a mod it'd be really nice to see when posts I've closed have been edited as well; ideally users would flag/vote to reopen a post when it's fixed, but very few people seem to flag.

This would make it easy for us to optionally review our downvotes/other votes without making voting a massive burden (some proposals requiring comments/notifications on posts we downvote could easily get very invasive and annoying).


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To add to this proposal, to make it much easier to see the changes, do what is currently done in the responses > revisions category: a diff-view at that place!:

Responses>revisions live-diff

As you can see in the image, the diff is shown when you click the > button.

So, as this is already implemented elsewhere, it should be easy to do the same on the votes tab.

In the votes tab currently, the > button does exist already:

Current 'votes' tab  view

(excuse the messy red scribbling :P)

So I propose:

  • add the number of revision(s) since the action occurred (and not since last view, simply because it will be easier to implement)
  • if there has been a revisions since the action, rather than showing the question on click of >, show the diff, as is done for current revisions to own posts!

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