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How is the quantity of views a question has received calculated by Stack Overflow?

Does the site always check the user's IP Address in the database?

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Not quite a duplicate, but a fellow MSO user posted an interesting writeup about this at Dissecting the Stack Overflow views counter. Excerpt:

From what I can tell there is now a JavaScript section in each answer page (used to be CSS in 2008):

<script type="text/javascript" src="/posts/3590653/ivc/a947"></script>
    <div><img src="/posts/3590653/ivc/a947" class="dno" alt=""></div>

The last part of the URL - a947 - seems to be dynamically generated. It is changed every 15-20 minutes and is the same for all questions and presumably users (I tried anonymous access, changing my IP address, it stays the same during the interval).

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