I just got a notification about a comment that looked like this:

enter image description here

The entries all have the same time stamp.

However, the question in question has only one comment.

In my mind, this can't have been the OP creating and deleting his comment repeatedly, because they all have the same time stamp and there would have to have been a 15 second pause in between new entries. Right?

Just in case this is a symptom of something.

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    We just really wanted you to know about that comment. We're looking into it. – Rebecca Chernoff Jul 12 '12 at 20:36

Something went a bit... sidewise in our serialization of inbox items. Lots of accidental duplicates (but only for some people).

Oddly enough, the only place this error becomes visible is in the emails. Everywhere else we're using data structures that de-dupe just by accident. Emails has a wonderful Accounts to InboxItems join that sort of goes to hell.

This has been "fixed" (underlying cause is still being looked into, but the dupe data is prevented from being created).

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