Is there any documentation on what is/isn't permitted on data.SE?

Specifically can I create:

  • views
  • temp-tables
  • procedures
  • functions

Do I have my own schema to play with?


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You're pretty much permitted to do anything that the system allows you to execute*. With that in mind, the database user used to execute user queries has the following set of permissions for any given site's database:


Excluding the operations from your list that require additional permissions leaves you with the ability to create temporary tables, since any user can do that.

Do I have my own schema to play with?

No, you're running queries against the same schema in use by all other users of the system.

* Though running intentionally abusive queries (i.e. ones that make the server sad-face) is grounds for being banned, of course

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    Thanks Tim :) I will definitely avoid any server sad-face action.
    – Moog
    Jul 14, 2012 at 22:12

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