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Why is voting removed from new review system?

Whilst going through the 'new' style "Low Quality Posts" on Stackoverflow's /review section, I noticed that voting on the answer you're reviewing is not available.

This answer to the question "Is OpenID a flawed concept?" isn't a particularly good answer.

However, none of the review options really cover it in my opinion:

  • Looks Good - no, it doesn't look good, it's a poor answer
  • Edit - no, not without radically changing the answer
  • Recommend Deletion - just because it's poor, doesn't mean we need to completely remove it
  • Not Sure - no, I am sure that it's a poor answer that should be downvoted

What's the thinking behind disabling the downvoting during Reviewing? After all, I could just navigate out of /review and downvote it anyway?

  • @AnnaLear - I agree that this is now a duplicate - but surely the other question is the real duplicate, as it was asked a day after this question? – Widor Jul 23 '12 at 9:32
  • Technically, yes, but the other question was converted into a feature request and seems to be getting more attention. I felt it would be a disservice to the overall point to close it as a dupe instead. – Adam Lear Jul 23 '12 at 14:55

I think that going out of /review and downvote (or upvote) is the good solution, as it ensures you have a complete view of the question, comments and answers (which usually give some light to the question).

Downvoting direcly may make you miss the comment which explain/justify the question (or its last edited version).

Even to just decide between the standard options ("Looks Good", etc.) I often open the question normally in order to be sure I have a clear vision. And, as I often feel I'm not experienced enough in SO to decide to close an answer, I frequently just downvote and let old SO users decide if it should be closed.

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