I just applied for a job using this system, and it really needs improvement.

First, I'm using Firefox with Adblock Plus, and the "Cover Letter" dialog does not function. I had to switch to IE. :shudders:

Next, I selected "use my Stack resume" and it opened a frame that could not be re-sized or scrolled. My information didn't fit in the window, and even unselecting sections didn't help. I changed it to upload my resume.

The next flaw was that my cover letter was reformatted without any line breaks. I had to edit it and add double lines to get a line break. These were then left as double line breaks. It was truly odd behavior.

For a career website that caters to the best of us, I'm shocked to find flaws like this in the presentation. I'm honored to be part of Careers @ SO, but I really expected such an important part of the process to be smooth and flawless.

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    It works fine for me using Firefox 14.0.1 with AdBlock Plus and NoScript installed. YMMV, I suppose. – CodeGnome Jul 19 '12 at 2:48
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    Uh... Can't speak to the rest of this, but did you try disabling Adblock before giving up on Firefox? Personally, I've found that it causes more problems than it solves... – Shog9 Jul 19 '12 at 2:49
  • Sorry you're having troubles Jon. What version of Firefox were you trying to use? What other extensions do you have enabled? What version of IE did you switch to? – Jason Punyon Jul 19 '12 at 3:00
  • @Jon if you can still reproduce this functionality, would you please take screenshots and send it to us? Also answering Jason's question would also be a lot of help. – Nick Larsen Jul 19 '12 at 14:12

Sorry you had so much trouble. Obviously that page is pretty important for Stack Overflow Careers and your experience is not the norm.

Regarding the specific bugs:

The bug with Adblock Plus is . Our suggested workaround is to disable Adblock Plus or add an exception for Careers.

The bug in IE with the unresizable / unscrollable frame is and will be fixed.

The bug with the cover letter losing line breaks is and we'd appreciate more information to help us reproduce it.

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