I often see the following scenario :

  • a user answers a question

  • the asker posts a comment because something is unclear

  • the answerer edits the post

  • the answerer posts a comment ("See my edit.") to notify the OP.

If the asker can be notified automatically when the answer has been edited, the answerer will not have to post a "useless" comment, just to notify the asker.

So what I propose is to add a checkbox when the original answerer edits an answer to notify the asker of the modification.

Of course no one want to be notified for every edits, the checkbox should only be enabled in these cases:

  • the checkbox is a privilege earned after, at least 5K or 10K rep.

  • the checkbox can only be used if the asker post a comment on the answer.

It's maybe to much work for a tiny feature, but I want to share this idea.

PS : I read this post, asked 2 years ago but my request is different.