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Scripts to convert data-dump to other formats

I downloaded data dump of one closed site at SE but it is all XML. Is there a proper way/tool to read it? Or I have to format it myself?

I know about XML editors but I want a more readable form such as on a page or in Question/Answer format.


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The data dump, as its name suggests is simply the server dumping its contents into a file. There is no way to read that file easily.

You'll have to load it into your choice of database and query/display it from there.

I came across this post which might be of some assistance -

Scripts to convert data-dump to other formats


The best way to get started to is to load the contents of the data dump into a database (such as MSSQL Server or MySQL).

There is an article here about mining data from the data dumps using some PHP scripts and a MySQL database.

There is also a utility found on GitHub called "So-Slow" which can import the data into a MSSQL Server database.

Be aware that the data dump is fairly hefty. Importing this data is going to take a while :)

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