Locked questions get unhelpful messages like this:

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My problem with this is that it implies that if I go to meta, I'll get more information about why that specific question is locked, perhaps finding a discussion of its merits. However, the link just sends me to the main meta page, where I eventually realize there's nothing specific to the question.

Can we improve this situation?

Here are some suggestions (roughly in descending order of preference):

  • make the link point to an actual discussion, on meta, of that question

  • make the link point to the site-specific FAQ, specifically the portion that covers what is/is not acceptable content

  • make the link point to some discussion/documentation of what happens when a question is locked, and how the process is resolved/closed

  • change the wording of the message so it doesn't imply that there is any specifically relevant discussion on meta

  • remove "For more info visit meta" bit altogether


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I like:

  • make the link point to an actual discussion, on meta, of that question

Perhaps that can happen automatically. There is already a list of "linked posts" maintained automatically. This is "just" a cross-site linked posts feature, shown in a different place. For most sites this is likely to be between the per-site meta and main, not the broader problem.

If a meta question really is discussing a question on the main site then it ought to have a link of one form or another in it. This could happen for any question being discussed on the per site meta somewhere - users will learn about meta and be generally more informed about site/question issues.

For the case of SO and MSO which is not a site specific meta this might be a bit more complicated to manage, but last I saw SO was supposed to get its own proper meta soon.

Linking like this would be useful for small beta sites (we're defining our policies/topic right now) and large sites (this is being discussed further).


Interesting idea. I'd like to see a combination of your suggestions implemented, where the word "locked" is a link, and links to the explanation of locking, and the "visit meta" is a link to a meta post specifically about that locked question.

Of course, this would require that a meta post be created for it. I think it would be a good idea to either automatically create one when a question is locked, or allow the locking moderator to link to an existing one. Since "disputes about its content are being resolved", there will inevitably be a meta discussion anyway (or there at least should be), so pointing people to it will be useful.

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