I would like to have a Stack Overflow icon similar to the icons I have at the top of my site. Does Stack Overflow/Stack Exchange provide free icons or what would be an alternative to getting an icon on my site?


If you're talking about the SO logo, you can find a higher resolution and vector version here: http://stackexchange.com/about/logos

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If you want a high resolution logo for every site then there is another way that results in high resolution, raster graphics.

Basically, all the site-specific icons are a deviation of the following URL.


Just replace the name stackexchange with the name of the particular site you want to use. Tada! You now have a nice, high resolution icon. Take the following examples.

Programmers Unix & Linux Mathematics

NOTE For meta sites you have to append meta to the main site name. For example, the icon for Stack Overflow Meta would be...

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Here :

Stackoverflow logo official site

Stackoverflow logo Iconarchive.com

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