Chat does not provide its own log-out button, nor is it obvious from any of the main menus. Eventually, I was able to figure out that if I logged out of chat by going to chat.<whatever>/logout and logged out of the main site (two separate steps) it let me log as someone else other than the person logged in. This presents two major problems:

  1. Logging out should be obvious from at least one of the menus. (Just like it is on the non-chat sites)
  2. Logging out should be complete — auto-login should not work until someone else logs in. Since it kept storing my credentials after I initially logged out, this represents what should be seen as a significant security risk.

I listed this as bug because, frankly, this is beyond an epic UI fail. The system fundamentally does not work as expected in a very important way.

Steps followed:

  1. Go to chat site.
  2. Found that I was logged in as account 1
  3. Where is logout? (bug 1)
  4. Go to stackexchange.com (apparently already signed in as account 2. This might be a secondary bug: I was logged in to chat as one account, and stackexchange as another)
  5. Log out of stackexchange.com
  6. Apparently I was still logged in to chat! (!!!)
  7. Find chat logout after searching meta site.
  8. Logged out of chat.
  9. Auto login still let me log in (!!!)
  10. Logged out of chat again
  11. Logged in to stackexchange under account 2
  12. Logged in to chat as account 2.
  • To clarify - you're saying that if you log out of Stack Exchange (through one of the sites) you're still logged in on chat? That does seem like a bug... – voretaq7 Aug 8 '12 at 15:14

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