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I have been a member on StackOverflow for years, but have never been extremely active. I'm trying to get a little more active, but when I go to the "Unaswered" section on StackOverflow, I get questions tagged with tags I setup years ago. These questions are no longer extremely relevant to me, so I'd like to setup new tags to help filter the Unaswered questions. I saw how to change the tags to ignored, but that doesn't remove them from the view, it just grays them out.

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    go to the "prefs" option and set up your new favorite tags, questions in the front page/unanswered are mostly from your favorite tags. You can also set an option on that page to totally remove hidden tags – Ben Brocka Aug 11 '12 at 3:07

Access your Edit Profile & Settings section > under Site Settings, click Preferences and scroll down until you find Favorite Tags.

Hope this helps.

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