We already have the feature that if a tag is in the top 40 (I think), searches for the contents of the tag search for the tag instead. For example, searching for "java" returns results with posts tagged . This is good, but on gaming (I don't know about other sites), some of our top tags have synonyms that people are more likely to search for. If people want to know about Star Wars: The Old Republic, they might search "the old republic", but they won't find it because the tag is .

So, I propose that if a tag is a synonym of a top 40 tag, it is also a candidate for searches turning into tag searches. So in the case I just described, searches for "the old republic" would redirect to a tag search for .

  • Oh, I agree, but it can't hurt to make incremental improvements in the mean time Aug 12, 2012 at 20:03

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No! Please don't do this. If I want to search for questions tagged foo, I will search for [foo]. I often don't want to limit my search to only those posts that are tagged with my search string. What if the post is incorrectly tagged? What if the tag is a relatively common word and I want to search for that?

We already have a way of searching for tags, I see no reason to force every search to be a tag search just because the search string happens to also be a tag. Unfortunately, this is already being done so, at the very least, let's not extend it to all tags!

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