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The Setup:

I answer a lot of questions about Flex on StackOverflow. Flex is the Adobe created framework for building Rich Internet Applications on their Flash Platform.

Adobe has donated Flex (and some related properties) to the Apache Foundation; thus making future version of the framework Apache Flex instead of Adobe Flex.

The Question

I notice that the Adobe icon is no longer on the Flex related tags. Based on some reading questions, it appears that tag icons are only for sponsored tags; and I believe that means some entity pays money for the icon to show up on the tag.

Since Flex is now a "non-commercial" open source project; Is it possible to get the Apache Flex logo as the icon for the Flex tag; without being a sponsor who pays money for it?

I am one of the committers on the Apache Flex project.

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The Tag Sponsorships that you are referring to are exclusively paid opportunities, which are not available for donation, but we do have these awesome free open source resources available for your project.

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