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Why must I wait 2 days before accepting my own answer?

i post a question and after doing more research i find out the answer myself. At this point i can't actually check off the questions as answered as it makes me wait 2 days

what is the logic here. now folks will waste time trying to solve this answer which is already solved.


You have to wait two days to answer your own question so that there can be enough time for somebody to say, "Hey, that's actually not a good solution, and here's why." Often times, the self-solution is not the optimal solution. Giving a two day grace period helps mitigate this.

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There's nothing to stop you from posting the answer, so people will see it for the two days before you're allowed to accept it.

Eric and Jonathan's points are valid, but sometimes I agree it would be nice to be able to accept your own answer immediately - because it's obviously right. As an example of this, look at my Code Contracts question about arithmetic: I'd asked on the MSDN forum as well, and one of the CC team answered the question. I checked the answer, it worked, I reworded and reposted it on SO.

It's clearly right, so it would make sense to be able to accept it immediately... in this particular case. However, I suspect that the general principle of "let the community warn you of problems first" is more important than specific cases where immediate acceptance would make sense - so I support the policy overall.

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I agree with Eric. I personally take it a step further though. When I ask a question that I know very little about, I won't automatically accept the first working solution I receive. My logic, I'm the confused one - why would I trust myself to know when the correct, and best answer has been provided. I don't want to be naive and just accept the first one that doesn't produce an error. So I wait, and let the community vote on it before I accept an answer.

Example: Kohana, .htaccess, and $_GET

And here's an example of me answering my own question - I'll probably wait until I get other answers, and see some community-voting before I accept an answer, even though my solution works.

Kohana, Editing Cache doesn't Reflect in View?

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