I have trawled through Meta for a while now looking at many questions (the search terms seem to mainly return questions where rep isn't awarded at all) - the closest I found was this:

Reputation tab shows accepted answer as another vote

As I use the site of an evening, I have noticed on many occasions that my tabs show a rep increase as if my answer was accepted - but when I refresh it shows that another answer was accepted. This is solved with a page refresh and doesn't bother me as such - just wondering if there is a bug somewhere in the code. This happens across all my browser tabs (I see the rep increase by 15) but if I hover over my login to get the activity hover thingy it displays my rep and accepted answers correctly.

I don't want to throw out my own red herring (it may be the only time that I notice it), but I think this might be only the case when the rep cap is hit for an evening.

This question isn't to complain or whine, just trying to help pin-point a bug in the code somewhere.

  • "my answer was accepted - but when I refresh it shows that another answer was accepted" - On this question, for example, that actually happened. This question had the accept hopping back and forth even more so, so it might be coincidence? – Tim Stone Sep 5 '12 at 15:37
  • (noting that the fact that the decrease in reputation from the unaccept isn't reflected immediately is by design) – Tim Stone Sep 5 '12 at 15:37
  • @TimStone It might well be, I noticed it on a good few occasions, thought I would bring it up. Never knew about the timeline feature to check. Seems a rather valid answer :) I wouldn't have thought that people were so back-and-forth :) – Fluffeh Sep 5 '12 at 15:40

So that this can be closed off without anyone else bothering with it, as Tim Stone correctly points out, this is working as expected as there seems to be a flurry of Accept/Un-Accept going on in a good few questions.

Appreciate the insight and learning about the timeline feature!

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