I am not a native English speaker (and probably a lot of SO users aren't either), and when I read some of my questions a few times, maybe later, especially if the question was written when I was tired, I discover a lot of mistakes and also at worst truncated sentences. Because of this I prefer whenever possible to read the question again before posting. Because I keep it unposted to read it later, loosing its content is a concern.

I observed accidentally that the browser saves the form in case the browser closes unexpectedly, I suppose this is a feature of Stackoverflow.

Is it possible to see for sure if the form containing my question is saved, in case the browser closes for some reason?

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    By opening up another browser and clicking on the "Ask Question" link... you may want to turn this into a feature request to show you when your question was last "saved" or some such thing. Commented Sep 8, 2012 at 17:14

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When you write an answer, Stack Exchange saves a draft after X minutes. When this happens, Stack Exchange gives you the "draft saved" message right under the text area used to enter the answer text; it is visible until you don't press a key on your keyboard to continue to write your answer.


Then, the "discard" link is shown close to the "Post Your Answer" button.


This happens to questions you write too. When you see the "discard" link after the "Post Your Question" button, you know a draft has been saved on the server.

As far as I can see, the "discard" link appears about a minute after you started to write a post; I am sure it appears only after you write X characters, but I cannot tell you what is the minimum number of characters your post needs to contain.


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