I have created new tag wiki (and its excerpt) back in June 5 and kind of forgot about it.

Today I suddenly noticed I was awarded the Tag Editor badge for that wiki although I created, not edited, it.

I checked the List of all badges and full description which clearly says in the Tag Editor section:

You need to edit an existing tag wiki; creating a new one does not count

While I really don't mind extra badge, I also wonder if this is by design meaning change of rules, or just a local/temporary bug?

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The badge now includes initial edits to the tag wiki and exceprts. This was an intentional change that didn't quite work previously (one part of the query was fixed, one was not)...it now does work as part of my changing it a few days ago.

I changed the badge so it stopped timing out and returned rather fast, because we typically prefer that over timeouts...but fixing it while I was in there seemed like a good idea too :)


It looks like that is just outdated. That entire badge description is just confusing, as it doesn't mention suggested edits (still says you have to have 20,000 reputation) and rambles on about old rules.

Anyways, here's the relevant update from waffles in Feb 2011:

Fixed, we now provide the tag editor badge to all users who either create or edit a tag wiki or a tag wiki excerpt.


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