I have a problem with my Stack Overflow account. My edit access was disabled for all posts. I saw some similar questions related to my problem, which explained some of the reasons why this might happen. So I waited for 5 days but it wasn't resolved. My questions therefore are

  • How can I get back my privilege to edit posts?
  • What is the exact reason for this problem?
  • How can I see my edited posts?

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If you're banned from having too many suggested edits rejected, the ban is 7 days. See How do suggested edits work?

It's unfortunate that you had to be temporarily banned in order to get feedback. Decision on rejected edits should be displayed as a notification to the editor. You can check the outcome of your edit suggestions in the activity tab in your profile but it's annoyingly difficult.

Looking through your suggested edit history, these were rejected:

These were approved, but you could (and should) have done a better job:

They were mostly rejected because someone else made an edit that overrode yours. These rejections should not count for the automatic ban.

However, you did make some bad suggestions that were approved. (If you are one of the approvers and you read this: please do a better job, don't blindly click “approve”!) Please follow my advice when you return to suggesting edits in a couple of days. When fixing broken formatting, go all the way, don't leave the code in a half-formatted state. Don't use code markup for things that aren't code. Remove “fluff” such as “Hi sir I have a doubt: Here is my question: ” and “thanks in advanced” and “plzsendtehcodez”. Even if English isn't your native language so you can't completely fix the English, at least do a few simple things that make the text more readable, such as capitalizing the first letter of a sentence and the word “I”.

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