Ever since Jeff burninated , and , these and other similar tags have been resurrected time and again, and we've had to remove these tags from questions every single time.

Can we blacklist these tags already?


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I've just removed from 18 questions that had managed to accumulate it in the last 40 hours. Can this please be blacklisted now?

What is a sensible algorithm to generate the letters in Letterpress iOS game?
Trying to collect wifi data like Metal Gear Solid Portable Ops
Playing png sequence
How can I upload my game file to my Github account and allow people to run it on their browser?
Where to put collision handling in tile based game?
Rotate a triangle polygon according to mouse position?
How to move ball on android
XNA Game Studio 4.0 Platform Scrolling issue
Calibrate UIAccelerometer?
Sort a text file where each line is a name followed by a score
How to drag an object?
Min-Max Evaluation function for a game
Optimising particle effects for slower phones
Implementing gravity to projectile - delta time issue

This is highly appropriate at the moment:

I'm off to bed now


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