I've recently changed my default browser from Firefox to Chrome. Now i'm not able to see new questions until i hit F5.

What can cause this issue since Chrome 21 does support Websockets as confirmed here? Note that I'm not using a proxy or firewall and it works without a problem in FF.

If it's still unclear what feature i'm referring to: What technology/framework is StackOverflow using to asynchronously update clients?

This is my favorite link (newest tab).

On SO or on other sites?

A moment ago i've tested it in Superuser, it works there, also here on Meta! So why should Stackoverflow make an exception?


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This seems to be by design. According to the announcement, live updates are:

  • enabled on tag pages of SO, but only in the “newest” and “active” tabs;
  • disabled on the main page and the unanswered tab of SO;
  • enabled on all date-ordered full question lists (newest, active, unanswered) and the corresponding tag pages on other sites.

So you should expect live updates on https://stackoverflow.com/questions/tagged/c%23 but not on https://stackoverflow.com/unanswered/tagged/c%23, and that it what I see with Chrome 21.

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