A bug manifests itself where if one originally decides to reject an edit, but then decides not to, they can potentially require a page reload. The button that changes to a gray rejecting... remains like that and is unclickable without a reload.

How to reproduce:

  1. View a suggested edit in Review Beta.

  2. Click the Reject button to get the reject popup.

  3. Close the popup with cancel or the X in the upper left of the popup.

Observe lack of clickable button. I'll get a screenshot when there is a suggested edit on AU where I have the reputation to reproduce this bug.

This was tested here, on my own question, and this does appear when I try to review edits to my own question. This also occurs in the popover that appears if I click the edit(1) link below the post.


This javascript bug was introduced two days ago (as part of this fix), but it's fixed now. Thanks for the report.

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