I'm finding it impossible to search for C-- on Stackoverflow. It doesn't seem to have a tag either. Is this a limitation of the search system Stackoverflow uses?


There IS such a tag: . It's just not used very much.

There isn't a "c--" tag because it doesn't conform to the current tag naming rules; anyone attempting to use "c--" as a tag will see it automatically converted to "c". This might explain why some C-- questions are tagged as instead. If you do come across these, do retag them to .

As for search, unfortunately punctuations and symbols are not currently accounted for and so a search for "C--" gives the same results as "C" 1.

An alternative would be to use SymbolHound, however for such a short (and ambiguous) term you may need to wade through quite a few false positives.


Using the new search engine, it is now possible to search for "C--" (quotes required).


1 Google does not deal with "C--" either.

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The only way to search for c-- is to use the code: search operator, as in code:"c--" , although it just returns questions where c-- is inside code tags.

I tried with body:"c--", but it just searches for c, and body:"c\-\-", but the result is the same.

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As Shawn's answer notes, you can now search for terms with symbols like this just by using quotes.

For example search for "C--"

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