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Change edit approval/rejection

I've developed a script which allows you to view the status of your edit suggestion at a glance. (Accepted / Rejected or not yet processed.)

Since it generates quite a lot of traffic to StackOverflow because it checks the status of each edit suggestion at page (re)load, I intend to cache the status of the edit suggestion.

However, since I am not eligible to approve edits yet, I don't know if the approval / rejection of an edit can be undone. Are edit approvals / rejects permanent?

TL;DR: Can the status of an edit change after it's been approved / rejected?

Note: Although I have searched for a couple of minutes, I haven't found any similar question. However, because this question may have been asked in a different form it might be possible somebody did already ask this. If so, can you please share a link to the relevant answer?


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It's safe to cache status.

Rolling the post back, you can undo the changes of a suggested edit. However, this does not affect the status of the suggested edit itself.


Approvals and rejections are permanent and cannot be undone.

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