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Just asking if any one has seen this error before?

For me, during weekday I use my work machine to log in to Stack Overflow and during the weekend, I use my own laptop to log in.

I'm pretty sure that I did log in to Stack Overflow over the last weekend but when I go to work today and log in to SO with my work machine, it shows a record that I didn't log in to SO on the last Saturday and Sunday!

I have no problem with that, just want to report the system's error if it really exists!


Days are counted using UTC (GMT). This may cause strange behaviors when you are living somewhere other than Europe.

Specifically, you may "run over" a day without noticing, because the beginning of a Stack Exchange day is not aligned with the beginning of a day in your country.

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    In fact days are counted using UTC which is somewhere in Europe! Your second sentence is, however, correct. – ChrisF Oct 8 '12 at 8:43