When working my may through items in /tools/flagged, I find it more efficient to handle one flag type at a time.

If there are many items for a flag type, only 50 random posts are shown at a time which is great. However, when I reach the bottom of the list and click "50 more", the selected flag type is forgotten and I end up with 50 random questions of all types.

Feature Request: Can the "50 more" link take into account the selected flag type?

Sir, can I have some more?

Sure, I can achieve that quickly using CtrlHome + CtrlR (or CtrlL + ENTER), or create a userscript to apply the current querystring to the "50 more" link. However, an official solution would be nice.


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The list of flags shown on that page is no longer random, so I replaced that whole line with a pager that preserves filtering by flag type.

Should be live on MSO in rev. 2014.2.27.2000 and elsewhere in rev. 2014.2.27.1409.


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